Graphic Design Portfolio

I like my designs to be bold and minimalist, but if that's not your cup of tea there are plenty of other styles in here, from dark and distressed to shiny photorealism, whatever style you're after I'm certain I'll be able to help you get that perfect design. Whether you want a logo, poster, programme, album cover,  or illustration, you'll find some examples in here.

If you like what you see please send me an email and I'll be more than happy to get started on your next project.



Sound Recording

My specialty in this field is in recording classical, jazz, and acoustic music, and there's an eclectic mix in this portfolio; from wind quintets and chamber orchestras to jazz quartets and spoken word, there's a bit of everything to give you an idea. If you're looking to get something recorded please get in touch, whether it's a demo, a single, or a whole album, I'll work closely with you to get the right sound and deliver faithful and immersive recordings of your music.

If you have the music but not the musicians, I can help there as well and find the right players for you.




Videos are one of the most engaging ways for musicians and artists to communicate with their audience, but it can be difficult to find a videographer who understands what they're filming; even in huge-budget movies there are countless jarring examples where the visuals don't quite match with the performance you're hearing. If you want a video of your band or ensemble, I offer services from video shooting and on-set sound recording through to post production editing, colour grading and sound design, or even everything bundles together.

This portfolio features music videos, trailers, short films, spoken word poetry and more.


Sam Gee


Are you a contrabassoonist dreaming of recording a solo album, but weary of recording engineers not even knowing what your instrument is? Probably not, because that’s a wildly specific demographic and an incredibly niche grievance, but I’ll support your dream all the same. My background in orchestral, musical theatre and jazz performance means I know the genres inside out, and I know how to capture your instrument or voice perfectly and even drizzle on some extra dazzle with that old studio magic.

I don’t just do music though. I’ve also recorded plenty of voice overs and film dialogue, as well as rigging and mixing live sound for concerts, plays and functions. Click here for a (hopefully) delicious taste of my portfolio to see if I’d be suitable for whatever you had in mind.

If you’re an actor and/or singer who needs a better quality showreel to get you more auditions, get in touch NOW to start recording a vocal or acting reel. My rates are also very competitive; starving artists have got to look out for each other right?

If you’re a musician or band who wants an album, a showreel, a music video, or just some attention, I can help with that too –, don’t be a stranger!


I think it’s fair to say I also design things sometimes, I even designed this website look! I’ve also been a musician since I could reach the piano keys, and performed in orchestras, musical theatre, solo recitals, function bands, and probably some others, so I understand the importance of good advertising to get people going to your gigs (‘bums on seats’, I think is what the cool kids say). Do you want bums on seats? I hope so. And I’ll do my best to get them for you. Whether you’re a little old freelancer, a small business (or a big business for that matter), or a lovely talented (hard-working) musician, get in touch because I’d love to design you something eye-catching and unique to spread your brand and land a stunning first impression.

I design posters, logos, websites, concert programmes, games, album covers, and anything else you might want to be honest. If you like my portfolio, please get in touch (, did I say that already?) and we can discuss what you’re after.

Oo was that a ping? Must be your email coming through. Great, talk soon.


Hard Fairy
for Soprano Saxophone and Two Pianos

by Graham Fitkin
Performed by Sam Gee




Msc: Audio Production (Distinction), University of Salford
BMus: Music (1st), University of Manchester

design clients

Birmingham Conservatoire, Brixton Chamber Orchestra, Café Spice, Camerata of London, Classical Evolution, Icosa Chamber Choir, Kantos Chamber Choir, L'Chaim Kapelye, Leo & Hyde, Lunchbreak Opera, Music For Hope, No Door Theatre, Opera Shack, People Zoo Productions, RAW Beauty Store, South London Music Days, St. Ann's Church, University of Manchester, Voices Across Time

recording clients

Aurora Percussion Duo, Camerata of London Wind Quintet, Kabantu, Kantos Chamber Choir, L’Chaim Kapelye, Leo & Hyde, Levvy Metal, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Mirk Over the Irk, MonoChromatix Function Band, No Dice Collective, Retromodern Omniphonic, The Tab Manchester, Trikaya Percussion Trio, Trio Atem, Tutor Trust

SOLO performances

Mario Duarte: 'Mancumbria', for solo soprano saxophone and electronics
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Alexander Glazunov: 'Concerto for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra'
Sutton Symphony Orchestra

Graham Fitkin: ‘Hard Fairy’, for soprano saxophone and two pianos
Solo Recital, Accompanists: Pete Durrant & Daniel Chappell


Saxophone, Bassoon, Clarinet, Piano


Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro X
Sibelius 7
Max 6

Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Final Cut Pro X

musical Theatre repertoire

Bonnie & Clyde (clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, tenor sax)
Cabaret (clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax)
City of Angels (clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone sax)
Fiddler on the Roof (bassoon)
Grand Hotel (clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax)
Guys and Dolls (clarinet, tenor sax)
Into The Woods (bassoon)
Les Misérables (keyboard 2)
A Little Night Music (bassoon)
The Mikado (bassoon)
Putting it Together (clarinet, bassoon)
Return to the Forbidden Planet (tenor sax)
Ruddygore (bassoon)
Singin' in the Rain (clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone sax)
Sweeney Todd (bassoon)
Thoroughly Modern Millie (clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax)
White Christmas (clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone sax)
West Side Story (bassoon)